Papiput Yarn Colorways Catalog per August 2018

I’m a pretty conventional person. I prefer physical papers than the digital ones. Like Interweave Knits magazine. I love how it feels on my hands everytime I turn the pages one by one, looking at their amazing photos and admiring how well the patterns were written by the designers. But I like to keep my documents in digital form as well, for example the Ravelry library. What I like to do is to keep the all patterns in my Ravelry library, then whenever I want to knit a pattern from there, I download and print it. So, it transforms into my favorite form: physical print out. Sounds like un-eco-friendly, huh? Well, I only print if I’m sure I will knit it, I print on both sides of the paper, then I will keep it in a special document holder in my room so I can reuse it in the future.

But as for a yarn colorways catalog, to make it as a physical catalog may take more than just a simple effort, time, and other investment. You won’t see the “whole” yarn from just 2 yards of it. Semi-solid colors may work, but not the speckled and multicolored yarns. So for Papiput Yarn retailers, I always send them the yarns samples (some of them are dyed and some are still undyed) and the colorways catalog always comes in a digital form. It’s placed in DropBox to save time and to keep the file in its original quality.

So, here I post the Papiput Yarn Colorways Catalog per August 2018 (in JPG files, to make it easier to view and save in your photo library). I will update it regularly if I have some new colorways.

Please note that the Colorways Catalog is used for reference. Each skein of hand-dyed yarn is unique. Not all the skeins are the same even though they’re from the same dye lot. The outcome of the same colorway may look different from what you see in the catalog because the dyes itself may come from different lots. I always try to show the true color of each colorway, so I do photo editing – ONLY to help the color looks similar with the real life one.

Click the thumbnail below to show larger picture.

Knit on!

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Author: Amelia Putri

A seasonal knitwear designer, full-time yarn-dyer, cat lover, photographer, video editor, writer, psyche and soma practitioner, mom to 2 kids, a sweet-tooth bookworm who loves to workout at home.

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